• $75.00 minimum for online orders, NO EXCEPTIONS (If minimum is not met you will receive a response e-mail stating that your order could not be filled)
  • Orders will be charged to your house account. NO CASH  SALES.
  • Orders received after 3:00 PM will be filled & delivered the following day.
  • Please be VERY specific with your brands, quantities and weights of merchandise. Merchandise may be substituted based on inventory and size.
  • Please allow 1-2 hours for orders to be delivered.
  • If you will not be home at the time of delivery please give SPECIFIC  instructions in the special requests box about where to put your order and perishables.

Serving Fire Island’s west end, from Lonelyville, Dunewood, Fair Harbor, Saltaire, to Kismet

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GROCERY list brand quantity and size (organic or gluten free if applicable), non perishables, bread, beer, soda, cookies, crackers, frozen food, ice cream, cleaning supplies, pet food

PRODUCE list quantities or weights (organic if applicable) fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs

DAIRY list brand quantity and size (organic if applicable) milk, eggs, butter, orange juice, yogurt

MEAT list quantity or weights (organic if applicable) poultry, beef, pork, lamb

DELI & APPETIZING list quantity or weights (organic or gluten free if applicable), cold cuts, deli salads and appetizers, hummus and dips,
Italian specialties and cheeses, sandwiches

BAKERY list quantity bagels, rolls, muffins, croissants, fresh breads

SPECIAL REQUESTS & Instructions please leave instructions for delivery

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